About The Conference

The Dreams To Founder Conference is NOT YOUR AVERAGE CONFERENCE. This is your opportunity take REAL ACTION toward retiring from day dreaming and executing on the life you want for yourself!

Our core focus of the conference is business and personal development. We are coaching people to not just chase their dreams but make sure they are personally in a position to lead and make a difference in this world. From launching a business, being a student, moving up in your career to simply navigating through life, you will be surrounded by like-minded people while learning from and being coached by innovative leaders!

Our mission during the conference is to create a space for people to grow, strengthen leadership abilities, provide entrepreneurial , life and transformational coaching, as well as, resources to move forward toward executing on powerful life goals. Discussing self-esteem, investing in yourself, financial freedom, mental health and more, Our interactive keynote address and panel led by innovative leaders will allow attendees to leave with more than inspiration. Our attendees will leave with a plan to take action to reach another level of greatness in their life!


3335 Woodland Walk Philadelphia PA 19104

Date & Time

September 21, 2019, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We would like to take the time to thank 
University of Pennsylvania, New House College for being our Corporate Sponsor! 
Together we are helping bring not only academic excellence, but also professional and life excellence!

If you are a staff member or student of the University of Pennsylvania with a current valid Penn ID, you will receive FREE access to the conference! CLICK HERE TO RSVP with your valid PennKey Login!



Jaynay Johnson, MFT

CEO + Founder, Teen talk therapy

Jaynay C. Johnson, MFT is an award-winning teen therapist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She owns Teen Talk, a premier therapy practice and educational company as well as the co-founder of The Black Brain Campaign. She was named in Huffington Post as one of the 10 black female therapists to know. She is a sought after speaker on teen emotional issues. Featured as a media personality that has written or been featured by Black Enterprise, Thriveworks, Essence, Philadelphia Tribune, and more. She holds a BS degree from Delaware State University and an MA degree from La Salle University.

Khadija Bingham

ceo + founder, money honey

Khadija Bingham is the creator and CEO of Money Honey,  a financially sweet platform for young adults that focuses on three topics: money, professional development and living your best life. Through Money Honey, Khadija shares her personal money experiences with the goal of normalizing conversations around money.   She currently resides in New York where she works as an Associate in an accounting function for a Wall Street firm. When Khadija is not working on Money Honey, or Wall Street, you can find her spending time with friends and family and creating experiences to live a #sweetlife. Bingham graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting along with a Master’s in Accounting.

Luis Marrero

founder, voices in power + The marketplace philly

Luis Marrero is the Founder of Voices In Power and The Marketplace Philly, both helping artists and small business owners grow in community and in commerce while providing a platform to use their passions purposefully. With VIP recently celebrating 8 years and TMP being under a year old, Luis continues to build on the foundation of his personal mission “Cultivating Hearts; Impacting Culture” in the city that he holds dear - Philadelphia. He began this adventurous journey as a spoken word artist performing all over the country and that helped fuel his pursuit that art can be so much more than entertainment but can be used to enlighten, encourage and educate. When he’s not planning an event or working at his storefront, you can find him with family and loved ones simply enjoying the simplicity of life.

Calvin Purnell

founder, CP Speaks, author + speaker

Calvin has over 20 successful years experience in Information Technology and currently manages a team of Pre-Sales Engineers at IBM. Calvin is passionate about mentoring professionals and those aspiring to be. With high regard for technology, his current position gives him the ability to mentor his team members in the United States, Asia, and Europe while having the ability to stay current with technology. It also gives him the opportunity to focus on his gifts and talents.

Kristy Lynn Purnell

founder, Life As diamonds

Kristy Lynn is a connector, a networking strategist, a liaison, and a platform for others. She wants to conquer life by making sure people know that the only way up is to bring others with you and the way to the next level is to remember “you are one decision away from a different life.” Kristy is also a Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner and founder of Life As Diamonds girls mentoring group!


Your time will be filled with knowledge, inspiration and strategies to GET MOVING!

12:00 PM

Interactive Keynote Lunch

While our attendees enjoy lunch, the Founder, Khalia Deborah will be presenting the keynote address for the inaugural Dreams To Founder Conference. She will introduce the Dreams To Founder movement and challenge the attendees to start executing toward the greater levels in their life. She will break down the connection between, self, purpose, dreams and careers and innovation! Using digital innovation through their smart devices, our attendees will have the opportunity to to interact with Khalia and start creating their action plan during the keynote speech!

12:45 PM

Audience Participation

This will be a time that Khalia Deborah and the Dreams To Founder Team will engage more with the attendees and  help them to create some action steps to embark on once they leave the conference. This is the time that our attendees will start creating their plan for their next steps in life!

1:00 PM

Innovation Panel

The Dreams To Founder Conference will welcome 4 innovative leaders that will share their journey and address the importance of investing in yourself, mental health, professional development and entrepreneurial innovation and stepping out and giving what you have to offer to impact communities. Financial Awareness and Management will be addressed as well to explain the freedom it brings and how it can change the whole way you live your life! There will be strategies provided to the attendees that they can implement immediately to take the steps to becoming the FOUNDER  of the life they want!

2:00 PM

Networking Hub

We will close out the conference with an engaging Networking Hub! In this hub, attendees will have the opportunity to meet Certified Life Coaches, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Financial Coaches and more! This is the opportunity to network with some innovative leaders, gain some resources and connections! Relationships are capital and the right connection, resource or piece of knowledge can change the whole trajectory of your life. Dreams To Founder want to help you get connected! Our Networking Hub will be led by Networking Strategist, Kristy Lynn Purnell.

3:15 PM

Private Rooftop Reception*

During a private reception with Khalia Deborah, select attendees will get to chat with Khalia and get group coaching right there on the spot, as well as, the opportunity to schedule a complimentary strategy session with Khalia Deborah!

*There are only 30 spots available for the Rooftop Reception. It is on a first-come basis. 15 spots will be reserved for Penn students and 15 available spots for attendees outside of the Penn network*

WIN $500 CASH!


At Dreams To Founder, we believe that it is not just up to the politicians, celebrities and wealthy people to evoke change in this world and accomplish great things. We believe it is up to the everyday people that is filled with dreams, innovation and drive! 

Leading up to the Conference...

  • Each attendee will receive an email to submit their story and dream!
  • Each participant will submit their story explaining what they want to do with their life and what kind of impact they want to make in this world. 
  • Our Dreams To Founder leadership team will read EVERY story and dream and choose the most compelling one!

The winner will receive $500 in cash in which we recommend investing in your entrepreneurial journey, school or personal development!

Remember, UPS was started by two teenagers, $100 and a bike. 



3335 Woodland Walk Philadelphia PA 19104

Date & Time

September 21, 2019, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Keina Newell

Finanacial Coach

Founder of Wealth Over Now

Khalia was the perfect companion I needed to start my business.  She was a consistent source of creativity, encouragement, and prioritization.  One thing I learned early one in working with Khalia is that she does her research!  This really encouraged me as a business owner and pushed me to do more research on my own - although I'm still working to get on her level!  

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Khalia and her coaching is authenticity.  When looking for a business coach it was essential for me to connect with my coach.  I actually spoke to several other coaches before deciding to work to Khalia.  Her genuine love her of her work and authenticity made me know she was the answer to my prayer!  

Anthony Lee

Licensed Realtor, Investor & Author

Home Smart Realty

I have been working with Khalia for about 3 years now and ever since then she has been my saving grace! She has not only helped me to build my brand but she keeps me on track and focused on who I really want to present myself as and what I stand for!

Jay & Dionne Delaney


Founders of Christ Covenant Fellowship Ministries

Khalia helped us put together a comprehensive plan that not only helps us now, but will shape how we make decisions and carry out tasks in the future. 

What stood out most was her ability to listen and really hear what a client is saying, interpret and give it back in a way that helps what was said make more sense, a love for seeing people accomplish their dreams and consistent follow through. 

Khalia's coaching took my husband's vision for ministry and translated the vision into bite size tasks - a bread crumb trail of sorts, to help us get to the accomplished goals.

The Founder

Khalia Deborah...

is here to serve and coach people to step into a greater space in their lives. She is a mother of two boys and is on a mission to help others gain the confidence in where they are now and the courage to be driven impactful leaders that will take on the possibilities that are ahead of them! She not only helps to execute and strategize innovative ideas, but she helps people maneuver through challenges and obstacles that come with this thing called life. Holding a B.S in Accounting and Finance, Certification in Life and Transformational Coaching and her experience as a Sr. Financial Specialist here in PA, she understands how people, profit and process go hand in hand. From this she understand and execute the right strategies in business and life that need to be in place for success to happen! She is ready to help you Level Up!

Here is how you can personally connect with Khalia:

Instagram + Twitter: @kdeb_coaching

Facebook: Khalia Deborah

Podcast: Dreams To Founder

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